What is Whurl?

Whurl is a vintage clothing and accessories marketplace dedicated to changing the way we shop and giving customers a voice.

Say you’re on the hunt for the famed yellow kilt from “Clueless”; just post a photo to your board, and sellers – established stores and fellow users alike – will add photos of their best match. It’s like Ebay in reverse; instead of sellers posting their wares, and shoppers sifting through them, shoppers announce what they want, and sellers recommend similar items from their collections.

Best of all, you can also follow other stylish users and shop from their personal, curated boards.

What should I post as my Whurl?

Almost anything you can think of that inspires you! Most frequently users are searching for: actual items they found that didn’t fit them, items they already have but want it multiples, items they see on a blog or in a magazine, items they see in a tv show or movie, sketches they’ve drawn up of a dream dress, something they see a friend or stranger wearing, a color scheme they see in nature, etc.

How do I sell a vintage item on Whurl?

Super easy! Scroll through your feed (or use the search bar if you’ve got something specific in mind) and check out all of the Whurls posted by other users. If you see that someone is looking for something that you might have, click the plus sign below the item and add photo(s), price and a brief description of your item. Of course remember to be specific when you can (measurements and brand names help sell an item) and use the hashtags to make sure your item can be easily found through our search function by other users who might also be interested in shopping your wares. If your item sells, you’ll receive an in-app notification as well as an email summary so you can box it up and send it out asap!

How do I sign up?

Just open the app and create a login with your email or Facebook.

Can anyone sell on Whurl?

Yes! Secret hoarders and storeowners alike will thrive on Whurl. If you have an item another user is searching for, suggest it. And make sure to check out our photo tips to increase your chances of making a sale.

What if I see something in someone else’s store that matches another user’s Whurl?

Since Whurl is a peer to peer marketplace you yourself can only sell an item to another user that you have, but we strongly encourage you to tag any friends or tastemakers they think may have a match with another user to help make a sale happen. We love how community-oriented our users are and love when you share your finds with the rest of the gang!

What are the fees associated with selling on Whurl?

Shoppers pay no fees! As for sellers, there are no listing fees, and Whurl takes just 3% commission from the items you sell.

How can i be sure my purchase is safe and protected on Whurl?

All purchases made on Whurl are backed by Paypal protection. Check out all of their secure transaction info here!


Shipping costs are listed on each item. All shipping costs are calculated for Domestic U.S. shipping at this point.

I sold an item, how do i get my money?

Congratulations! Your funds will be transferred to the PayPal account you logged in with on Whurl.

How can i be sure my purchase is safe and protected on Whurl?

All purchases made on Whurl are backed by Paypal protection. Check out all of their secure transaction info here!

Can i edit or delete a post on Whurl?

Yes! If you later realize you forgot to add a measurement or a photo of a detail or even want to update the price of an item you’re selling, click on your profile, then Options, then My Items to edit.

What is considered vintage?

Anything from the mid-90’s or before is considered vintage. Whether you’re requesting or suggesting an item, be as specific as possible about era. If you’re not sure what era a garment is from, send photos of the item and the tag inside to info@shopwhurl.com and one of our vintage specialists will take a look.

Additional questions, concerns and feedback?

Email info@shopwhurl.com